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Airfreight Service:
We provide airfreight services to move shipments from the country of origin to any destination. We can access all points in China, Europe and America.
Our network in China helps to pick-up freight from any point in China to ship by air or by sea to the destination of your choice around the world. We are specialised for Europe and USA destinations. At ABC Service Network, we control all shipments' move right from our headoffice in Los Angeles by using most advanced technology and connections with carriers, for shipments destined to any place in the USA. Our clients or agents only contact ABC.
Truck-load across America:
From any point to anywhere in the USA Continent, we move full truck loads delivered at the time of your choice!
Insurance At Affordable Premium:
Carriers' liabilities are limited to certain amount. We provide affordable insurance premium to protect your cargo across the globe. Protect shipment from loss or damage, always buy insurance to cover the value of your shipment.

Generally speaking for shipment crossing a country border:

Airline's Maximum Liability:   US$20/kg.
Ocean Carrier Max. Liability: US$500/package (a shipper- load container is considered ONE package)
The actual value of your goods, whichever comes with a lower value.

By air or truck, USA domestic carriers' freight liability: US$0.50/lb or US$50/package or the actual value of your goods whichever comes a lower value.
Ocean Freight Service: - FMC Licensed
Ocean freight service is conveniently connecting ports around the world. We provide ocean freight services to move shipments to your appointed destination port with Full Container Load (FCL of 20', 40', etc) or loose shipment often called Less Container Load (LCL). Plan your shipments ahead of time and use ocean freight service to save cost on transportation of goods by air.
Import Service:
We provide import services to ensure shipments delivered to our clients' doors.
Anything Else:
you like to know on moving a freight from one point to another.  Free consultantation available by email to: